Monday, 7 April 2014

Zachary Hugh is 7!

Zachary Hugh is Seven!! I can't really believe it!
Before I had kids I used to say I wished they could be born aged 7. I was terrified of babies and not sure how to talk to small children. Having only taught KS2, 7-11 year olds, that was definitely where I felt most comfortable.
However, I wouldn't have missed the last 7 years for the world. In fact, if I could wave a wand and do them all over again I would in a flash! Those first few years are just magic.

For his birthday we took Zac to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. We didn't tell him where we were going, just waited for him to spot the signs and work it out. It took a while to notice these little Daleks! I was a little bit worried that he might be too nervous to go in, as he can be sensitive about places where there might be unexpected noises etc but he was soooo excited!

So exciting to see the TARDIS

If you've ever watched Doctor Who and you get the chance to go, do it. It was a really top day out. There is the experience part at the beginning where you travel in the tardis (the kids get to drive it,) battle with daleks which move and speak, walk through a really scary room with weeping angels etc and then there is a museum with all the different Doctors' costumes, lots of monsters from the different series, a complete evolution of the Daleks and loads of other memorabilia (my personal favourite being K9). The boys were completely transfixed, but I have to say all the adults there seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much. In fact there were a surprising number of grown men who had dressed up as the Doctor especially for their visit!!
Danny learns to walk like a cyberman.
Look Dalek I'm really good at drawing Daleks!

The day after we went was Zac's actual birthday, and unsurprisingly he requested a Dalek cake. I would have cobbled something together, but Martin, being an engineer, was determined to get it looking right. He spent quite a bit of time working out the scale based on a malteser being one of its blobs on the side!

I made a selection of sponge cake shapes using Mary Berry's delicious and totally fool-proof Victoria Sponge Cake recipe, which Martin constructed into a Dalek shape. We plastered it in chocolate butter icing and then covered it with a layer of ready to roll icing with special holes cut in to take the maltesers, and it was then sprayed with edible gold spray.

I was dead chuffed and somewhat amazed by how well it turned out. The only bits that weren't edible were his weapons- made from a kid's nurofen syringe and an icing cutter! The gold spray was a bit patchy but he just looked like he'd seen some battles. Zac was really impressed which was lovely.

We had all the grandparents over for birthday tea and my mum gave Zac a toy Dalek, which made friends with the remains of the cake.

What is it??

Say, what happened to you?
It was a really fun weekend and I know Zac loved every minute. Happy Birthday my grown up boy! xx


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Zac!!
    I want a birthday like his.....All Doctor Who! Fantastic!
    Love the cake x

  2. Happy birthday to your son, the cake looks amazing xx

  3. aww happy birthday Zac the cake looks great looks like he had a fantastic time #magicmoments

  4. The cake is FAB! Happy birthday Zac! #magicmoments

  5. Thanks all. It was a really lovely weekend of family fun and I'm actually looking forward to hearing the next cake challenge- feel we could just about tackle anything after that one!

  6. awwww its such a lovely age is 7 they are fun at that age too :-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  7. wow, impressive cake!

  8. What an amazing cake! I'm totally in awe of your skills! Looks like you had a fun day too, the Doctor Who Experience looks great, will have to keep that in mind if we're ever in the area!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!

  9. My nephew is really big on doctor who too - I love the look back photos :-)