Friday, 20 September 2013

Big Events.

So far, in my attempt to record some of the events I wish the boys would be able to remember when they're older, I've been thinking about personal/ family occasions. But last year there were some big some national events that I'm glad they had the opportunity to be part of.
All patriotic for the Jubilee "parade on wheels."
2012 was fab in the UK! Although the weather was mostly shocking we had plenty to keep us cheerful.
It was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and our village pulled out the stops to celebrate. There was a "Parade on Wheels" round the village which was lead by our own Royal Family and followed by loads of kids and adults on anything with wheels and decorated in red, white and blue.
The Royals lead the parade...
...right around the village.

Prince Danny on his like-a-bike!

The parade was followed by a traditional fete on the rec and then a somewhat drunken (for the adults at least!) band night. Which inspired the boys into some music making of their own:

Straw diving.

Dan takes it easy on the fun run!

Whilst the next morning the fun continued with lots of the village kids coming to enjoy mucking around in the remains of the straw-bale seating, and taking part in a fun run round the rec.
I have very vague memories of the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, when the children had a tea party on long tables right down the middle of Marlborough High Street and we were all presented with a mug on the town hall steps. Since I was almost exactly the same age as Zac was at this one, I hope he will recall something of the weekend!

The torch goes by.
And last summer of course we also had the Olympics. I took the boys to see the torch relay go by. It was one of the few really hot days and we had quite a long wait, but they definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and appreciated the sense of occasion. I kept telling them it might be the only time in their lifetimes they would see it, but I guess that's hard to comprehend when you're 5!
Enjoying the entertainment.
We also let them stay up late and share a take-away curry while we watched the opening ceremony. I actually felt a bit queasy with anticipation before hand. I'm ashamed to say I was of the opinion that the whole world was going to be watching a bit of a British cock-up after the amazingly organised Beijing ceremony but I thought it was brilliant and the boys were totally amazed when they watched those massive chimneys rising up out of the arena.
Danny being a torch bearer!
I seriously regret that we didn't actually get to London to see any of it. It just seemed like such a trek when the boys were still pretty little, but once we realised what a great event it was turning into I think we should have made the effort to be part of it. We did all watch many of the key events on tele and Zac got quite obsessed with the medal table and where our next gold might come from.
It seemed very un-British to be all patriotic and pleased with ourselves, but it was nice to have that feel-good factor for a change and I hope that's what the boys will take away from the summer of 2012.