Friday, 12 July 2013

Birthday Cakes!

Next weekend we are having a birthday celebration for Danny, even tho it's another 5 weeks til he turns 5! One of his school friends is having his birthday at the end of this term and we agreed to do a joint party and share the pain/cost. They've opted for an "army party" which is probably totally politically incorrect but will hopefully be fun! So before I post about that big event I thought I'd do a quick whizz through the birthday celebrations to date!

Danny fuffing his first candle.
Mostly we have managed to avoid having massive birthday parties for the boys, neither me or Martin being huge party people. It has got harder since they have gone to school as they get invited to all sorts of amazing birthday celebrations. Not only do they now think they want a big party but I also feel like we owe lots of people one! The kids do have fun but it always seems that the birthday child is rather lost in the melee and I can't help thinking they might feel a bit more special with just a few of their nearest and dearest really celebrating their big day.
Last year, for Zac's 5th birthday we did it properly and had a joint party in the village hall with one of his friends and invited the whole class. We had a magician to entertain them, who was really great, and it wasn't as stressful as I thought it was going to be, but I have to say that afterwards I felt like we'd done that kind of party and probably wouldn't need to repeat the exercise- I'm hoping Danny's will be a one-off too!!
Other than that we have got away with having little teas with grandparents or some of the cousins, or a couple of friends and they have all been lovely!
I guess the main marker of each birthday has been the cake. Martin's mum is amazingly creative and has allowed the boys to choose what kind of cake they'd like.
Here's a little compilation of Zac's:
Cool cakes from 1 to 6!
  • 1st A very basic Upsy Daisy cake made by me!
  • 2nd A brilliant Thomas the Tank Engine cake made by Nanny.
  • 3rd Awesome Spitfire cake (Nanny!)
  • 4th Building Site cake with Diggers (Nanny)
  • 5th Volcano cake with sparkly candles (Nanny)
  • 6th Thunderbird 2 cake, requested the day before his birthday and while Nanny was unavailable... therefore made by Martin and me!

Danny has had:

  •  1st White Duck cake (Nanny)
  • 2nd Tractor cake(Nanny)
  •  3rd Jellyfish Bloom cake (Me- thanks for that Octonauts!)
  • 4th Chocolate 4 cake, on holiday in France (Auntie Tory and Granny!)
I have no idea what kind of cake I shall provide for the party next week... a birthday bomb?!

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