Thursday, 27 June 2013

It's a record!

Nearly a month ago I finished writing my blog "Let's..." It was the first time I'd done any blogging and I learned loads. I really miss it, but I'd run out of ideas that fit in with my theme of blogging about fun stuff to do with pre-school aged children, so it seemed time to stop.

As I was writing the posts I realised that it was actually forming a pretty good record of the boys' lives before they reached school, and one that I hope they'll enjoy in the future, but at the same time a lot of the important events were missing- because they didn't fit the theme.
I think making memories with kids is so important. Having those birthday and Christmas rituals, the favourite holiday places you can re-visit, books and games you enjoy over and over, family get-togethers, national celebrations, they all make us who we are and they can help a child to understand their place in the world and give them the foundations to be happy and confident.
At the moment the boys remember lots of these significant events in their lives so far, but as they get older the memories will gradually fade out- I know I don't remember much at all before the age of 3 and even beyond that there are only odd memories I can recall. So I'm going to blog about some of the best bits so far, some of the major events, and then carry on as things happen- which is what a blog is actually supposed to be, I think!!
I've already recorded things in a variety of ways for the boys, to keep the memories strong. I made photo posters of them when they each turned one, which hang on their bedroom wall. And for Danny's first birthday I also made them a photo book with a story about what good brothers they were- to help them value the bond they were building:

We have lots of other photos here and there. Posters of our holidays on the toilet wall! A digital photo frame that flicks through my favourite pics from the last few years. Family portraits in frames on the windowsill.

When I went on maternity leave the first time, a child in my class gave me a lovely blank book to record things about the baby. I started writing down things about Zac's development but now I generally record the funny things they say- which already fill a book and a half! (Yesterday's:
Danny: Mummy, now I have TWO girlfriends.
Me: Are you allowed to have TWO girlfriends?
Danny: No, in Reception you are only supposed to have one.)

So here we go. Making Memories is going to be another place where I can record the lives of our two wonderful, bonkers, maddening, hilarious boys. I can't wait to get started!!

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